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Podcasts by Robyn Tongol - March 8, 2022

How this female-run brokerage thrives in a male-dominated space

ACT-based broker Lucy Blain of Blain Financial has been broking for the past six years, setting up her eponymous brokerage two years ago. We find out how she runs a successful brokerage

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re catching up with ACT-based broker Lucy Blain to find out how she runs her brokerage in the country’s capital, her process for writing loans, and the issues she faces as a female broker.

In this episode of Elite Broker, host Annie Kane sits down with the former real-estate-sales person-turned-broker to find out how she navigated the entry into broking, how she’s built and structured her team, and what she thinks needs to be done to help support more women in this industry.

Tune in to find out:

And much more!

This article originally featured in The Adviser.