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Podcasts July 20, 2024

How the Best Regional Broker Victoria/Tasmania delights clients in Geelong

The Victorian seaside town of Geelong has been a Mecca for home buyers, according to Victoria/Tasmania’s Regional Broker of the Year Liz McRae. We find out how she’s been servicing the boom in mortgages in this episode of Elite Broker.

While Sorrento might have long been the go-to suburb for Victoria’s millionaires (and has its own Millionaire’s Walk), the south-west city of Geelong has been fast attracting the well-heeled borrower. Indeed, according to CoreLogic, most of the 22 regional house markets in Victoria that made the million-dollar list over the year to March 2022 were in Geelong.

As such, it’s perhaps no surprise that Loan Market Geelong broker Liz McRae has been in hot demand from borrowers, and claimed the award of Regional Broker of the Year Victoria/Tasmania at the Better Business Awards 2022 earlier this year.

In this episode of Elite Broker, tune in to find out:

And much more!

This article originally featured in The Adviser