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Podcasts November 10, 2020

In Focus: How Mortgage Choice is helping aspiring female brokers

In the episode of In Focus, partnered by Mortgage Choice, we catch up with CEO Susan Mitchell to discuss why Mortgage Choice is taking action to bring more women into this industry, and her own experience of being a leading woman in finance.

According to MFAA stats, the number of female brokers has fallen every year for the past three years - with the proportion of female to male brokers also having shrunk on an annual basis since 2016.

As such, the industry has been busy working on programmes to help promote, inspire and support women in joining this industry and - crucially - remain in it, too.

Last month, aggregator and major brokerage brand Mortgage Choice held three digital masterclasses as part of its female talent nurturing program Aspire, and earlier this year partnered with the fourth annual Women in Finance Awards, and announced a new partnership with female financial literacy platform, Tilly Money.

Tune in to find out:

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This article originally featured in The Adviser