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Podcasts by Robyn Tongol - January 25, 2022

How Australia’s Regional Broker of the Year 2021 is supporting the self-employed

In December 2021, Bowral-based broker Liz Wilson was crowned Australia’s Regional Broker of the Year, for all her work supporting her regional clients in NSW. We find out how she runs her award-winning brokerage.

As a self-employed business owner, Liz Wilson of Wilson Financial can recognise and understand the trials and tribulations faced by SMEs in regional Australia. From the challenges of finding staff to suffering from stop-start COVID restrictions, the ability to empathise and support self-employed borrowers has been a key part of Wilson Financial’s success.

In this episode of Elite Broker, host Annie Kane sits down with broker founder Liz Wilson – Australia’s recently crowned Regional Broker of the Year 2021 – to find out what she’s been doing to service SME clients in the regions, how she’s been diversifying her offering, and why she’s focusing on processes this year.

Tune in to find out:

And much more!

This article originally featured in The Adviser.