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Podcasts by Robyn Tongol - February 16, 2022

An in-depth look at advice for retirees and Millennials

Helen Baker – financial adviser and founder of Australia-wide service On Your Own Two Feet – joins this week’s episode of the ifa Show.

Helen joined the podcast with host Neil Griffiths to discuss the vastly different advice strategies when working with retirees and Millennials and the biggest challenges and opportunities that brings for financial advisers.

On the episode, Helen also discusses challenges and opportunities for advisers themselves in 2022 and beyond particularly coming off a year that saw a high number of reforms introduced.

“There is so much opportunity. I think it’s a great role. I love, love, love what I do with clients and seeing their lives the way they are and engaging with people. And I think most advisers do, which is why we do it,” Helen said.

“But I think that 2026 is going to be another deadline. And the big problem is we are letting a lot of people go, who have an enormous amount of experience, who can be great leaders and great mentors, but the way that it sits right now, there’s not really an incentive to bring a brand new recruit on out of university and put them in your office. It’s just too expensive and it’s more time commitment.”