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Podcasts August 4, 2021

The Corporate Counsel Show: Telecommuting from 3:00am to work for the World Bank

Dr Danielle Malek Roosa’s working day starts at 3:00am and finishes in the early afternoon. While the schedule can be “brutal”, she’s doing work she loves and has found the right balance for herself and her family.

On this episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by World Bank senior legal counsel Dr Danielle Malek Roosa to discuss how and why she got into public law, her work for Indigenous Australians and experience studying at Harvard, and the journey to telecommuting from the other side of the world for a role with an international financial institution.

The pair also discuss how Dr Malek Roosa has managed to strike the right balance in juggling the early mornings and her familial duties, why international legal work is so rewarding and why those wanting to work overseas should not give up on such dreams and keep looking for opportunities amid the ongoing pandemic.

This article was originally featured in Lawyer's Weekly.